COVID-19 Virtual Assistant Chatbot

Tired of answering queries related to COVID-19? Losing the opportunity to help your potential patients? Concerned about customer dissatisfaction?

We've got you covered! Now launch your own COVID-19 virtual assistant chatbot with ORAI and be future-ready!

With the ORAI COVID-19 virtual assistant, you can offer the following assistance to your patients 24x7 :

  • Assess symptoms and risk factors
  • Provide the right information as per WHO
  • Suggest what action they should take
  • Screen patients for potential infection
  • Respond to medical queries
  • Provide the public with up-to-date outbreak information

Why should you integrate

  • Patient information available when required
  • Booking appointments
  • Round the clock support
  • Reduced operational cost to address enquiries
  • Improve customer satisfaction

So what are you waiting for?
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